Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tom and Steve between Eagle and Circle Alaska - Landcrew Tok to Fairbanks

Where in the world is Tom????? 
If you scroll to the end of the Yukon1000 Results page and click on Static Results with history on Google Earth you can see his entire trip down the Yukon as well as any other competitor. Look for history and click on the + to open the folder.

An early morning up-date from the Landcrew here in Tok Alaska is that late
last night Tom and Steve crossed into the Alaska Time zone and were able
to paddle for an addition hour to get the US Border crossing on the river
at Eagle.

The 2nd place team didn't make it to the Timezone change,so missed the
critical additional hour needed to keep them in a close second. Tom and
Steve left Eagle early this morning and as at 8am this morning AK time
they were leading by about 30kms - this is now around a 1.5 hour lead on
the team in second place. Still a close race given that they have been
going now for 4 days.

We're going to try and relay updates on the other teams to Tom and Steve
from the bank of the river at Circle.

Afternoon Up-date
Tom Simmat and Steve Pizzey have today increased their lead to a little
over 30kms. With the current flow rate in the river this is around a 1.5
hour gap between 1st and second place.

Interesting developments today it that team "TIPC" moved up into second
place and team "Starfactor" have dropped back into 3rd place and a gap is
opening as at this up-date they were standing at around 4kms behind 2nd

This is an interesting development - Starfactor were maintaining pace and
were in good contention for taking the lead in the last day of the race.

For those following this blog - Crossing the "flats" tomorrow is the day
for you at home to open the results webpage on your PC and leave it
running for the day, watch the changes in distance over the day as the
up-dates come through. This next stage of the river is difficult to
navigate - check it out on google earth. Taking a wrong section of the
river can add between 10 and 20kms to your journey and equally give the
teams in 2nd and 3rd place a 10 - 20 km shortcut.

We were not able to drive to Eagle as the road is once again closed. The
Team had hoped to get to Circle by tonight, with their current progress
they may make Circle by around 8am tomorrow - watch the results and see if
my estimates are correct.

We'll keep you posted - make sure you click on a couple of our sponsors
links to the right of this blog page..... more to come

  Cheers Kobi

Thank-you for the comments:-

Krystle and Amanda at the Pilates Room in Belrose. Tom has been training with the girls  to improve his strength, flexibility, coordination and posture. to avoid the problems encountered in other long distance races. There were no complaints when we saw him at Dawson.

We have also heard from the Tim and Judy Hookins back from BABYTAMING IN EUROPE.

Tom has paddled with Bonville Bashers kayak club when we were on holidays in Coffs Harbour. Ken Buckley one of the members thinks it seems to be safer kayaking than going by road in Alaska.

Julia and Chris want Tom to reconsider cutting off his toes and donating them for the Sourtoe just to save some weight in the boat.

 And Tom's new grandson Isaac Isaac wouldn't want a granddad with less toes. Even if it comes with a good story.

Love to hear from you

Just received and email from my contact in Eagle (landcrew had booked into the Bed and Breakfast but couldnt get there by road. Steve and Tom arrived 11pm and stayed in the B and B until they left at 5:30 bet they didn't  think we would get to know that so soon.

Landcrew drove from Tok to Fairbanks today with a stop over at the North Pole to see Santa.


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  1. Hi Christine and Lynton Go the Aussie Toms. We have been following the Aussie Toms with great interest...and the Land Crew fun and games of course!!Having just recently finished the YRQ as a member of the Yukon Buddies from Sydney I am in awe of those participating in the Yukon 1000...they are all legends. Best wishes to you all. lots of Love Deb and Martin Hirst
    PS Lynton I have a great photo on the Glacier Highway.