Monday, July 1, 2013

Christine; etc

Back at Muk Tuk. Finally the Germans have flown out. But all good fun.

Canada Day today so nearly everything is shut.

Raining now and strong Southerly wind just what we wanted across Lake Labarge, but that did not happen.

Urs and I pulled up well, poor Steve Mooney still having trouble sitting down.
Big prize ceremony about six hundred people.

If you email Harry Kern, ,     he will send a lot more pictures back.
Spoke to Igor at Dawson he has given up photography, now does joinery. He did not look well. no front teeth and very thin. He did not know I was in the race. He sent his regards.
Give my Love to Lissa before she goes.
I fly out day after tomorrow, ie Wednesday the third, in the morning. It is now Monday three in the afternoon.
Love Tom