Saturday, July 17, 2010

Get together at the local cafe with competitors

The landcrew have received bad news. The road between Dawson and Eagle has collapsed in 3 places. A car has disappeared into one of the holes and people are dead. The road will not be repaired for months. This is an area where last year the ice melting moved off the river and destroyed entire villages.

We will now follow the boys down to Dawson then return to Whitehorse and drive the Alaskan highway to Fairbanks and then on to the finish, an extra 700 kilometres.

Peter Coates the organizer of the Yukon1000 Canoe and Kayak race, teams in the background checking details. There are 9 teams a total of 22 paddlers.

 The race starts on Monday morning at 11 am Yukon time about 4 am Tuesday Sydney time. Tom carries a Spot GPS device which will register his position every 10 minutes on a Google map. I will put links here but it is also possible to go to the results page of the Yukon1000 to see where he is on the Yukon river.

To follow his journey and see all his positions on the race got to the bottom of the results page to Techie Stuff - Dynamic Updates on Google Earth and find History and then Ausy Tom 3a

Tomorrow there is a race meeting and then it will be a count down to the start.

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