Thursday, July 15, 2010

Arrived Whitehorse, set up camp at Muktuk

Where in the world is Tom???

Answer: Muktuk Kennels Whitehorse The Yukon

Arrived Whitehorse.  Met up with Steve Pizzey and wife Pip. Set up camp in luxury B&B at Muktuk Kennels owned by Frank Turner who we met on our last visit to the Yukon. He competes in the Yukon Quest which is a sled dog race over  a similar course in the winter.

Collected the kayak from Sheila Dodd who had been looking after it, had a few wines and discussed all the previous Yukon Quest races. She is the marshal at checkpoint  Carmacks. She is very keen on Australia at the moment as she has made friends with the sponsor of the Yukon Buddies, a team of breast cancer survivors from Australia who were in the last Yukon Quest. He is probably arriving at her house as I type this blog. We plan to have lunch with them this week.

Boat is in good condition, Tom will put in a bigger hatch, add his favourite seat and make the boat beautiful again in the next couple of days. Looks just like it did the last time he paddled it in the Yukon Quest Kayak And Canoe Race

Tom is too tired to write the Blog tonight, having driven over 1000 kilometres in the last 2 days, after the plane trip from Australia, he will add some more when he gets up in the morning.

If you visit Alaska and the Yukon come in June, the mountains are covered with snow and there is 24 hours of daylight, we were disappointed to arrive at Anchorage Airport at 3 am and it was dark, and then not to see snow on all the mountains surrounding the highway. 4 weeks later and it is all gone.


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