Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fly out of Sydney

YUKON1000 website

We are waiting to be picked up to go to the airport. We are flying out V Australia to LA then Alaskan Airlines to Anchorage.
You can click on the Yukon 1000 link and that will get you to the website or click on track Toms GPS after the race starts to follow him down the river, the SPOT device sends a message every 10 minutes.

I am wondering at this point if I am ready for this. I seem to have all the gear organized, one or two things to sort out when we get to Whitehorse. We are going to attempt to put a digital video camera on the boat and sent little movies back via the blog.
The above lot is the navigation pile of gear. Maps and Garmin GPSs. The orange thing at the bottom is the Spot device that satellite tracks us, and hopefully you guys will know exactly where we are even if we have no idea.
I am taking all this  'carry on' so I can do a bit more study of the maps. I do hope the electronic stuff gets through security. It is going to look very high tek going through the security X ray.
We hope to send another blog from LA we have a hour break between flights. I dont mind flying. You just sit in rows in this long room and people come around and stick stuff in your mouth.
The flight to LA is 12 hours, the same as the first day of the race. I was thinking of standing up in the plane and asking everyone to wave there arms around for the whole flight, just to get a bit of an idea what we have to do on the short day.
The pick up has arrived.

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