Friday, July 9, 2010

Last early morning training paddle.

My last early morning paddle. Raining but not that cold this morning at 5.30. Difficult to stay dry while I put on my spray jacket and skirt. Worse in reverse, trying to get into dry gear in the rain.

This is going to be the biggest problem in this race. If its raining setting up the tent and more importantly keeping my sleeping bag dry. Once wet there will be no opportunity to dry it. I have a very light fly, that I will set up first. Then I can pitch my tent under it and  keep the tent door dry. In the morning before I get out of the tent I will stuff my sleeping bag in a dry bag. Put my spray jacket on in the rain if I have to. My thermals will be wet after an hours paddling anyway.

Picked up my maps this afternoon, the printer had stuffed it up, bound on the wrong side, and only copied in black and white. Laminated and everything, all 104 of them. No time to redo them. So there is something back on the list. I will try and color them on the plane or get them redone in Whitehorse.

Going through the first aid kit, to see if I have everything. Lots of stretch sticky bandage, Band-Aid,things for chafe and blisters, and saline solution for if I get Yukon water in my eyes. I am carrying also a small boat repair kit. In the repair kit is a small tube of high strength, epoxy glue that sets almost instantly, even in the wet. I have another tube in the first aid kit, if I happen to break off a tooth.

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  1. Hi Tom and Christine! Pilates girls here...
    Good Luck for the race Tom, smile at the bears for us... hope you packed your Tennis Balls.
    Have fun galavanting around Christine
    Krystle and Amanda :)