Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Driving Anchorage to Tok 517 miles

Where in the world is Tom!!!!

We will attempt to set off the Spot device on the way over the mountains, so follow us closely.
Tried the Mountain House freeze dried Beef Stew last night for supper. It was really really nice so I will go back to REI this morning and get some stock for the race. You cook and eat it out of the packet, just add boiling water. So I need to rethink cooking system with Steve.

I don't normally suffer from jet lag,(except when flying from Australia to the US) but drifted in and out of sleep last night. That might have been the Beef Stew or the fact that we walked past a great Harley Davidson shop yesterday and there was one outside the motel, being loaded up for a big trip with spare tyres and everything, or maybe it was that deep throaty Harley Davidson purr emanating for some of the night from Christine.

Our accommodation in TOK

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