Friday, July 16, 2010

First Paddle

Now in carbing up mode, orange juice, pasta, vegetables. No more mango daquiries for ten days.

First paddle on the Takhini River that flows into the Yukon just below Whitehorse. This fronts Franks dog training ranch and this is where he can sled out onto the ice and down onto the Yukon.
The river is high today, hopefully it will stay up and give us some very fast times. Two great Australian boats, the Elliot and the Horizon Flyer, now with a back hatch fitted.

Maps, maps, way point, maps and more maps 104 maps, each about 15 kilometers.

Pilates stretches, before the paddle and just before I pushed the stair rail down.

View from Steve and Pip's cabin. This is the Takhini River. The mighty Yukon is just over the next rise.

List, lists and more lists, going through food lists and gear inside Steve and Pip's cabin.
Sleep is on the list some where, It's 10.30 pm and still light outside.

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