Sunday, June 23, 2013

Staying at Muktuk with 3 cooked meals a day

"Cannot open up emails using for some reason, any how not from Frank's computor.

Anyhow, hope you got yesterdays email.

I also sent out a spot signal.

Had a paddle yesterday down to Raymond's Landing. All the rivers are very very high. The Tekhini where we put in at Franks  last time is about 2 meters higher so you can even get down that track that led to the water.

This means we will have a very fast race.

Did food shopping and I am getting the gear organized.

Things seem expensive in Canadian Tyre. Cheapest tent over $200. 10 times what I paid in Australia.

Mosquitoes are unbelievable, so walks are difficult.

Had Franks pancakes this morning.

I will try and log on to emails in town this afternoon.

Go to Skagway tomorrow to pick up Urs. About a 3 hour drive. I will take my time and take lots of Photos.

Love Tom"

As well as caring for sled dogs. Muktuk has cabins and bed and breakfast accommodation with 3 meals a day included. Ideal place to prepare  for the race. Plenty of space and interested helpers with tools. 

Arnie had booked accommodation in a hotel in town from 24th June when Urs and Arnie arrive, but Tom is taking the opportunity to stay with Frank at Muktuk until he collects them from Skagway.
There is kayak access to the Tekhini River from Muktuk which flows into the Yukon. 
Working on the Horizon Flyer in 2010 at Muktuk
Steve and Tom entering the Tekhini in 2010 from Muktuk, the river is now 2 metres higher

The cabin Pip and Steve stayed in. Tom and I had a room in the main house

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